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Welcome to Spiritually Fed!

I am so grateful to be here to connect and relate with you! I am hoping that I am able to connect with you through my daily life and spiritual experiences. I know that in my experiences the spirit is also connecting with me and guiding to become the best version of myself that I can be. 

I love sharing these experiences. They are growing me and strengthening my testimony in the Lord, Jesus Christ.  

A couple of years ago I knew I wanted to share more of my testimony and my love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I wasn’t sure where to start. After moral support from my husband and through prayer, I felt impressed to start writing down all of my spiritual experiences throughout the day. As I did, I could see the spirit more in my life than ever before. The spirit desires to be my constant companion. When I acknowledged the Holy Ghost being there I was able to distinguish right from wrong more, happiness and negativity. It was very eye opening for me. 

With learning this, I still experience hard days but I also experience so much more joy. 

I love the scripture in 2 Nephi 2:25 where it says, “Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.”

These daily experiences come with sorrow and happiness. I am able to grow as I am coming closer to the spirit and my Savior. 

Because of my experiences I am able to learn from them and find joy in the outcome. 

These spiritual experiences have brought so much joy in my life. I am so grateful they are mine and I am able to grow from them.

I hope that you can find spiritual experiences in your life.

Here are three ways that I hope you can be Spiritually Fed.

  1. Learning how YOU communicate with Heavenly Father
  2. Living YOUR very best
  3. Coming to know Jesus Christ

1. Learning how YOU communicate with Heavenly Father 

Praying to Heavenly Father is a very personal experience. We also all do it so differently. I think as you practice prayer, communicating you will find what is best for you. 

I have found that as I have really focused on how I want to speak with Heavenly Father I feel more connected with the spirit. 

I sit myself down in a quiet place, think about sitting next to my Father in Heaven, and wait patiently for guidance. 

I know that this takes humility and practice as well. I feel deep in somber. I like to express all of my gratitude and love for Him. I also share my deepest desires and hopes. 

I don’t always receive immediate answers but I do feel His presence when I am fully engaged in connecting in prayer. I feel peace, comfort, and understanding. I also know that Heavenly Father is fully aware of me and loves me to the fullest. Knowing that has made me connect longer and with best intentions. 

2. Living Your Best

Breathe and take one step at a time. It can be overwhelming to try and do everything exactly right. Heavenly Father knew we wouldn’t and that’s why he asks us to keep trying to become a little bit better each day. 

We have been provided a Savior, Jesus Christ. He came to save the world from sin and uplift all of us. Because of that great gift, we are able to repent and strive to become better. 

We can strive to live our best. 

That can involve a small shift in our thoughts to see the good, the blessings, and the beauty that is around us. 

Choosing to live your best is not always the most popular or easiest but it brings out your most authentic you. It brings out a brightness. As we strive to think a little better, speak a little better, act a little better with grace for ourselves (love yourself along the way, you are worth it!) we are blessed for our efforts. 

Our results lift us higher. When we take small steps to become better we desire more of them. 

Love yourself and who you are becoming. You are the only one that can be YOU. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? 

Live your best, think the best you can, and also love yourself through the highs and lows. 

Have your back! 

The spirit wants to guide you to become the best version of yourself. Allow that wonderful blessing of comfort.

3. Coming to Know Jesus Christ

As we come to know Jesus Christ more we understand more of a divine purpose for ourselves. 

Jesus Christ is perfect. When you come to know His life and the example He set forth, you come to know how much He loves, understands, has compassion, and desires to help you. 

When I think of Him and learn of Him, I only find myself on higher ground. I feel peace and a closeness with Him.

He lived with the ultimate cruelties but His heart is gold. He chooses to love everyone for their shortcomings and only desires to uplift them. 

He strengthens us with His calm communication and example to do what is right. 

Jesus Christ is the reason I am spiritually fed. His life humbles me to want to become better. 

Coming to know Him helps me see my life through a clearer lens. 

I am trying to understand more the thoughts, words, and actions of others through His lens. 

I love to have the thought, “What would Jesus think? What would Jesus say? What would Jesus do?”

With these thoughts/questions I have more compassion and understanding for who I can become and who everyone around me can become.

I believe that Jesus Christ knows we are all doing our best. With His help we can only become better and happier. 

He is The Supreme Being. I love Him for all that He is and will create for us. 


I hope you can see yourself becoming more Spiritually Fed through these three ways to gain more spiritual experiences in your daily life.

I know you are doing your very best to live your very best. We all experience pain and joy. It’s great to know that we are supported, loved, and comforted by Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. 

As we come to know these three and how to best listen to the spirit in our own way, we will strive to grow, thrive, and live our best, authentic selves. 

You are doing your best! Believe it! See the wonderful hand of the Lord in daily life. 

To me, it truly is a wonderful and peaceful blessing that I cherish. 

I hope you are able to connect with me through mine and your experiences. Please subscribe to my emails for access to my articles through spirituallyfedblog.com and my recent episodes on the Podcast called Spiritually Fed Blog Podcast

I hope to see you and connect!

Much love,


About Author

My name is Brianna Marshall. I was born in Dayton, Ohio into a Air Force family. We moved to Colorado Springs, CO when I was 5 years old and lived there till I moved off to College to Orem, Utah in 2007. I was raised into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm still actively practicing the same faith today. I graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelors in Communications. I was married to my husband Dom in 2010 in the San Diego Temple. Dom and I have two children, one a boy, named Ronen, and a girl, named Ryen. I have been in and out of teaching physical fitness for over 10 years. I love to run and weight lift most days of the week. I also love to do yoga at night to calm me down before bed. I have always had a love for baked goods. My mom made a great dessert every Sunday and made them upon request growing up. I have always been really well at expressing my thoughts and feelings. I love to express a lot of my spiritual feelings with friends and family. As a young girl, I worked really hard to have a great relationship with my Father in Heaven. I have felt His presence from the time I was 8 and currently still feel his love and desire for me to become closer to Him. I desire to be a missionary as well as help others understand His love for all of His children. I find that being friendly, understanding and being compassionate to everyone is the best example of His son, Jesus Christ. I strive to follow His teachings. I also stumble with all of it. I'm so grateful for the atonement and repentance when I'm in need of change of heart and a compassionate spirit. I find life to be so beautiful and I'm grateful everyday for the experiences I have. I am a wife, mother, daughter of God, writer, runner, baker, and an imperfect being striving to be the best me.

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