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I remember a few years ago Dom came to me praising me for receiving promptings from the spirit. He asked how I lived with the spirit so close to me and what I did to listen closely to the words I was feeling in my heart. It was so kind of him to acknowledge that part of me. That was a compliment for me. I consider myself to be continually trying to feel the spirit and adhere to it’s promptings. It is and has been a lifelong effort that comes with the biggest blessings.

Over these past few years I noticed Dom making a conscious effort to listen more close to the spirit and take action when he would receive a prompting. It has been enlightening to see. I see a man wanting to serve Jesus Christ with more love and confidence. I see someone that wants to uphold the priesthood and keep his temple covenants. I really admire him and the promptings he is receiving. 

Listening to the spirit for decision making 

Times in the past Dom has really relied on my counsel and promptings I have received to make a lot of important decisions. I will admit I have been the one most of the time making our big decisions in our marriage. Or more like day to day with what we should buy or invest our money in. I normally will pick our cars, homes, or big items to purchase. Dom has complete trust in me and knows I pray about decisions and think them through before going through with it. At times it can be a heavy load but I have enjoyed taking care of these decisions. 

Most of these decisions before going through with them I focused on how I felt about purchasing something or moving forward with a goal or some sort. When we have rented or decided to purchase a home, I could feel if it was wrong or not. When we bought a car, I could also feel if it was wrong or not. When deciding to work. When making a goal. When I personally started to write. When making these decisions I said a prayer before going to look at a home, car, or another big leap, like a job or schooling. I want to focus on having the spirit with me before deciding on what is right or having that gut feeling, the spirit prompting me. It has worked for me in many ways. I know that some decisions have taught me lessons and have benefited me.

Trusting in the spirit

Dom has trusted in my judgement so much and for so long that he would go along with me taking the wheel in certain decisions. When he started to take the steps to grow closer to the spirit and make his life more centered on Christ he would receive more promptings. He started receiving guidance on big decisions, like careers or places to live. 

After our leap to leave his job and move to Alaska, he knew the importance of the steps he would take going forward. He really relied more on the spirit and prayed more earnestly for answers. 

When we came home from Alaska it was a huge faith move. It both grew us spiritually and mentally. We both felt renewed and knew as we strived to follow the spirit more we would be blessed and things would work out even better. 

Romans 8:28

28. And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. 

Our focus is to be a stronger family focused on creating better thoughts and feelings and living more close to the spirit of Jesus Christ. 

With Dom opening up to the promptings of the spirit he has been making more and more decisions that I normally make. I admit, it’s been very entertaining for me. I like seeing what he will do and the impact it will make. 

Peace in decision making

When we were looking into buying cars a few months ago after selling our other ones before moving to Alaska, Dom found some, had a good feeling about going to look at them and decided to buy both of them. I normally would do the research and pray about the car right for me and discuss more in detail the ones he would prefer for himself.

I knew for his car it would be a commuter because we normally drive mine as a family. For his car he chose a 2005 Honda Civic. He called me while he was driving it and said he had a good feeling about it so he bought it right there. 

When we were looking into buying my car, I mentioned I wanted something safe and big enough for my kids. I also wanted some of the technology packages so it is safer. He found a Nissan Murano that had some flaws but while he test drove it and he came back telling me that he had a good feeling about it. We both prayed about it and I leaned more to his judgement because he told me that it would be great for me. I went ahead and trusted him.

With him in school and the work he does, I completely have trusted his judgement. We both have received promptings that it is what he should be doing. He came to me before I prayed about his career desires and said he received a strong impression that this is what he should be doing. I smiled because I could hear the joy in his words. I felt that same impression when we decided to go for it.

Making BIG decisions

As for today…while we have been living with my parents we haven’t looked too much into housing because we didn’t know which location to live in or where his next job after school would take him. There are some townhomes near my parents that are being built. It’s closer to Dom’s job and will have great amenities and the needs we are looking for in our first home. We thought there was no harm in looking at them with no plans to go buy anything until we knew what our future was going to look like. When we both went to go look at them today, Dom told me before we walked into the sales office that he felt a strong feeling that we were meant to live there. I prayed before we went to the office. I asked for guidance that I would be able to feel if it wasn’t the right location, time, or decision. The entire time we were there I had nothing to argue in my head. I had complete peace. 

Romans 8:26

26. Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

After we left, we came back to my parents. Dom bluntly told my mom that we decided on where we are going to move and said he was going to put a deposit down today. My mom looked at me and asked if this was true. I giggled and agreed. For it being such a big decision for me, I knew that I could trust Dom’s judgement. Moments later Dom left and went back to the sales office to put a deposit down on the unit we were buying. He asked me before he left if I had any bad feelings or if the spirit was prompting the other way. I told him no and had a believing thought that everything will workout. 

It has taken time for me to loosen my decision making and give some of it to Dom. Yet, I have seen how much effort he has made in wanting to make the right decisions for our family and relying on the spirit to help progress him and all of us. 

Both Dom and I are making an effort day by day to live close to the spirit and adhere to it’s promptings. We both want to make the best decisions and we choose to do it with prayer and listening to our gut-spiritual prompting. We like using our agency this way. We feel more of a closeness with our Father in Heaven. We also feel more blessings and want to do His will. 

Romans 8:27

27. And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

We choose to rely on the Spirit

As we are keeping the spirit close and allowing it to influence any decision, we feel at peace with going forward. We know some decisions are going to teach us a lesson or can help us progress. We also know that we can choose without relying on the promptings of the spirit. But as we have listened and been guided in our decisions with the spirit we have felt better. As our focus is on living as spirits in flesh and body we know more of our purpose it to grow. It’s to grow higher to a heavenly place with our Father and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

It’s been relieving and enlightening for us to be moved by the spirit. Some of our decisions can be big or small, buying a home or choosing to change careers. It can be difficult but, it is so much more peaceful and spiritually strengthening to do it with prayer and listening to the Holy Ghost. We receive many promptings to make our own decisions. We have relied on that peace from the spirit to move forward choosing if it will be good for us or something we can learn from. 

We have learned and learned. For us, the spirit has guided us with peace and calm. We bought a home today and I can tell you it was very calm because we first chose to rely on the spirit.

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If anything of this resinates with you or you would like to discuss more, I would love to hear from you. Please comment below.

Love, Bri

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