Inviting The Spirit Into Your Home. (What You Can Do To Be Spiritually Fed)

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Spiritually Fed In Your Home

As a wife and mother it’s one of my greatest honors to have the spirit guiding me in my home… when I am striving for that. 

As I am leading in love and righteousness and trying my hardest to share the goodness of Jesus Christ I see it filling my home with hope and love. 

I want to share what my dear husband said in a prayer while we were having our scripture study. 

Each night after dinner and clean up we do our Come Follow Me and scripture study for about 15 minutes. We share our thoughts on the experiences of the people in the scriptures and how it relates to how we can grow towards our Savior and salvation. 

When we were getting ready to start our scripture study, Dom said our family prayer. 

He said, “We are grateful that each night mom prepares a lesson for us to help us become more ‘spiritually fed.’”

This was really tender to me. I felt very honored to have him speak like that about me in our family prayer. 

  1. Inviting The Spirit Into Your Heart

My ultimate goal as a wife and mother is to bring the spirit of Christ in the home and help us become our happiest and best selves. 

Each moment I shared with my husband and kids I thought of how I could bring the spirit more into my thoughts, words, and actions. 

When I would speak with my children I would try to think of having the spirit present. I want to have more understanding for them and their needs. 

Each day I diligently try to work hard on allowing the spirit into my thoughts and heart so that I can share it with my family and those around me. 

Allowing the spirit into my life has me desire to become better and inspire others to do the same. 

I am a work in progress. I am not perfect in having the spirit as close to me as I would like.

There are many times where I ignore the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I daily repent on those.

I know that each time I have allowed the spirit closer to me I feel more at peace, I feel guided, I have more compassion, and feel a closeness with Jesus Christ. 

2. The Holy Ghost Desires To Be Your Best Friend (Allow it)

The spirit desires to be our guide. The Holy Ghost can be our best friend. I look to it’s comfort after many moments of trial and joy. 

The beauty of wanting to be spiritually fed is it drawing us closer to our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. It also draws us closer to the version of ourselves that we desire to be. 

I love you Dom for sharing such an impactful and tender prayer to remind me of how important my interactions with the spirit on a daily basis are. 

The Holy Ghost is a great constant best friend of mine. 

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