How Do We Choose Unconditional Love?

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The Song, “Love One Another” so beautifully says,

As I have loved you,

Love one another.

This new commandment:

Love one another. 

By this shall men know

Ye are my disciples,

If ye have love

One to another.

I feel like this song moves my heart to want to understand and truly love others as a disciple of Jesus Christ would.

How To Love In Contention?

I had an experience with my children where I felt love for each of them and taught them of love while they were fighting.

We had some friends over and the kids were running around playing. 

My daughter was so happy to have girlfriends over after my son was able to play with some of his boy friends the last couple of days.

She didn’t want her big brother to play with the girls because she sat and watched him with his friends the last couple of play dates.

She told him she didn’t want him to play with them. It turned into them arguing, pushing, and crying. 

They both felt bad. 

I went to check on them to see why they were arguing. 

My daughter told me she didn’t want him to play with the girls.

My son was sad because he wanted to play with them but they kept telling him no. He said he was sad that they didn’t want to play with him.

She felt bad but she was still mad at him wanting to play with them.

He felt bad because he felt like he was not included. He told me he was hurt and started to cry.

I sat down next to him and held him in my arms. I expressed my love for him and let him cry in my arms. 

I told him he could cry. I told him that I understand why is sad. He wanted to play and he wanted to with them. 

He was able to get up and play with his toys after a few moments of sharing his feelings.

Choosing To Intentionally Feel Love

I then shared with him, “I understand you are upset and sad. I want you to know that sometimes we are going to feel sad or mad at someone because of how we choose to think about them. I want you to know that when we choose to believe we are loved and we can love others despite what they say we can choose to connect with that person. It’s also a way we can desire to love them like Jesus Christ.”

He gave me another hug and said that he would start to try that.

I remember in the past and people from my past that I would hold anger or hurt feelings over because of experiences I had with them. 

I would relive the experience by what I said or what they said that caused me to hurt. 

Start With Kind Thoughts

It’s when I started to learn more of the example and teachings of Jesus Christ and His love for ALL people is when I decided to start to love the people that I created hurt feelings by.

I started off small where I would think…

“I probably didn’t understand what they said.”

“I probably wasn’t as compassionate as I could have been.”

“They were probably doing the best they could.”

Turning to…

“They are loved as much as I am by God and Jesus.”

“We are all in this life together to learn and hopefully understand that we all have weaknesses and are learning to grow because of them.”

“I love them. I wish them the very best.”

“They are doing their best. I hope they know I am praying for them and love them.”

These thoughts grew over time. I also don’t always think like this. It takes practice.

But I am grateful that I desire to try to have more of these thoughts. 

Love is to Understand, Have Compassion, See The Good…

As I strive to be a loving disciple of Jesus Christ I believe it starts with looking inside your heart and knowing that we all fall short sometimes. Because we all fall short we can be understanding of someone that said or did something that could create thoughts of hurt feelings. 

I have a testimony that Jesus Christ loves each and every one of us, YOU! He loves that you get up each day and try. He loves so much that you try.

He loves when you think of Him, pray to Him, serve with Him in mind.

I have learned as I have loved people more and more I feel the comfort of the Holy Ghost touching my heart.

I feel a closeness to the Savior.

It’s as though I can hear Him say, “be understanding of that man or woman…she stayed up all night with her children, that man is missing his wife that passed years earlier, that worker has had no one smile or be kind to them during their shift, the encounters are endless.

It’s possible to start small and truly understand what it means to love by being more understanding, compassionate, and do our best to see the good.

We all struggle sometimes. That’s what connects us. That’s what I love about each one of us.

We can all be connected by love when we choose to see the good in each other. We all are trying to make it our best in this life. 

A great way to love towards another is to think with kindness, speak with kindness, and act with kindness. 

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