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Becoming the People of God is a group effort. 

For Come Follow Me today we talked about the story of Nehor leading away the people of God. A man named Gideon stood up for what he believed to be right and was put to death. 

As a family we discussed all the people who were put to death for standing up for their beliefs and doing what is right. We recognized our Savior, Jesus Christ being put to death for Him living to love and suffer for our sins. 

Then we talked about ways we could think and act like the People of God. 

We acted out scenarios on how to choose good when negative circumstances arise. 

After our lesson I felt the spirit prompt me to ask my kids, “what should I write about today?”

I have yet to ask my family what I should write about and I thought this would be a great opportunity to invite their thoughts.

They all told me that I should write about how we can Become The People of God. I loved this idea and was grateful for their input. Plus, they were super excited to contribute.

We are wanting to be more like Jesus Christ and the People of God. 

I know we have discussed many times how to become more like Jesus Christ as a family but this time I had a different take on it. 

I felt more of a prompting to discuss how we can be like Jesus Christ starting with our thinking. 

When someone says or does something that we don’t like, we can try to believe they are doing the best they can for them and love them anyway. I’m not saying that we let people be mean to us, we just allow them to think and act the way they want. We can respond with good thoughts and by listening to the spirit. 

Lately in the home, when someone has an argument, that being all of us we have been “expecting” each of us to read each other’s minds. I have caught myself doing this. I want my children to read my mind that they “should” eat healthier foods. I want my children to read my mind that they “should” go to bed after scripture and prayer. 

With my kids, they don’t want each other to play with one another’s toys. They can also look at each other wrong and get upset. 

After one of their fights in the garage about who should play with what, I sat down next to them and asked how we can be more like Jesus. 

I gave the suggestion that when one of them does something they don’t like we can either say, “please stop” or walk away. 

It seemed like a genius idea because for one whole day they have been applying it. Haha. 

I thought that if we can work on being in charge of what we think and feel, we would be more aware of how to think and act around each other. 

This would also help us be more mindful of what Jesus would do and say. We can stop and think about what we are doing to create peace for ourselves and the way we see our surroundings.

Small but powerful acts

As we have been doing this in our home I have seen a difference. I have seen that my kids want to love each other. They are seeing how much more peaceful it is when they respect one another’s actions. 

During our lesson we also went over more ways how we can follow Jesus Christ and Become the People of God.

We all said:

  1. Believe in God and Jesus Christ
  2. Preach the principles of the Gospel
  3. Love everyone even if someone does something we don’t like
  4. Allow others to believe what they believe
  5. Be understanding of others
  6. Love yourself
  7. Be true to your faith

When we apply these powerful acts, our faith is strengthened in ourselves. We have faith that others are doing their best and we have more understanding. 

Mosiah 25:24

24. And they were called the people of God. And the Lord did pour out his Spirit upon them, and they were blessed, and prospered in the land.

Love everyone despite our differences and beliefs

The main thing that touched our hearts the most during this lesson was about Jesus Christ living these powerful acts. Jesus lived for His Father to do His will. He loved all of us with perfect love. He responded to everyone with kindness and compassion. 

That is what it means to Become the People of God, to our family. We don’t have to all believe the same thing to be understanding of one another. 

We can’t expect people to “read” our minds to do what we want. We can’t expect people to change their behavior.

We can choose good thoughts about others to be understanding. We can choose good thought and actions when someone doesn’t do something we like. 

We can Become like the People of God by listening and loving EVERYONE despite our differences.

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My name is Brianna Marshall. I was born in Dayton, Ohio into a Air Force family. We moved to Colorado Springs, CO when I was 5 years old and lived there till I moved off to College to Orem, Utah in 2007. I was raised into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm still actively practicing the same faith today. I graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelors in Communications. I was married to my husband Dom in 2010 in the San Diego Temple. Dom and I have two children, one a boy, named Ronen, and a girl, named Ryen. I have been in and out of teaching physical fitness for over 10 years. I love to run and weight lift most days of the week. I also love to do yoga at night to calm me down before bed. I have always had a love for baked goods. My mom made a great dessert every Sunday and made them upon request growing up. I have always been really well at expressing my thoughts and feelings. I love to express a lot of my spiritual feelings with friends and family. As a young girl, I worked really hard to have a great relationship with my Father in Heaven. I have felt His presence from the time I was 8 and currently still feel his love and desire for me to become closer to Him. I desire to be a missionary as well as help others understand His love for all of His children. I find that being friendly, understanding and being compassionate to everyone is the best example of His son, Jesus Christ. I strive to follow His teachings. I also stumble with all of it. I'm so grateful for the atonement and repentance when I'm in need of change of heart and a compassionate spirit. I find life to be so beautiful and I'm grateful everyday for the experiences I have. I am a wife, mother, daughter of God, writer, runner, baker, and an imperfect being striving to be the best me.

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