Be Nice To YOU! (Especially When You Are Making Mistakes)

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Before I share this experience, I would hope you replace my experience with an experience with yourself where you felt like you had a hard time connecting or being nice to you. Especially when you made a mistake that hurt.

I’m sharing one of the many experiences of where I don’t feel like I was being kind to myself.

3 Nephi 22:10

10. For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee.

I could feel so much kindness and grace from Jesus Christ during an experience I had while recording a podcast episode. 

I like to pray before I write and before I record my experiences because I hope the spirit is present and influences me to express my thoughts with love and understanding.

Malfunctions of Life

I started to record an episode and my microphone didn’t work. 

I used another microphone and you could hear every sound around me.

I went back to the first microphone and got it to work but I skipped over my words and would get side tracked.

I could feel the spirit impress upon me to focus on what I wrote and prepared and to speak with genuine love.

I recorded another episode and I was sidetracked again.

I did this two more times.

I was starting to feel frustrated with myself. I felt like I wanted to add some more of my own improv thoughts but I would stumble over my words when I did.

I must have recorded seven times and wasn’t satisfied.

Should We Beat Ourselves Up?

I heard a thought in my head to just give up. It would be easier. It would also be ok if you tried again later. Or not at all.

The thoughts came quickly and flooded for just a few seconds. 

I stopped all those thoughts and said out loud, “No. I feel like I am becoming better and growing from what I share. My desire is to share experiences of mine through the spirit hopefully to bring others to Jesus Christ. I know I am not perfect at this but I love that I can bring something genuine and speak from my heart in my podcast. Plus, I am here to have fun. That sounds good to me.”

After having this motivational speech, very loud I might add with myself while my kids were in the other room, (haha) I felt so confident. 

I thought of that scripture above and how Jesus Christ is kind and also desires us to be kind to ourselves. 

When we are kind to ourselves we are inviting more grace and compassion into our hearts. It’s a way to understand that we don’t have it all together, but we are trying. Trying is what matters. 

We also are so loved by the Savior. He sees great potential in us to become who we are meant to be. He also desires us to be kind to ourselves, especially when we make a mistake.

Motivated By Kindness

It’s great motivation to love and be kind to ourselves. I believe it motivates us to become better.

I was able to finish recording that episode. When I re-listened to it, it didn’t sound perfect but I knew it sounded genuine to me and I was able to share the message I wanted to.

I thanked my Heavenly Father for all of my attempts and finishing what I started. I know that the spirit of the Lord was with me and His impression to be kind and compassionate to myself was shown. 

Because of choosing to be kind to myself and communicating better thoughts I was able to go away feeling accomplished. 

I didn’t have to beat myself up over not having perfect content but was well intended. 

I’m grateful for that kindness of the spirit and me taking action to show my love for myself. It was comforting to know and believe I can do the things I set my mind to with grace. I’m not going to be perfect at it but I like that I am trying. That’s being nice to me. 🙂

Try being a little nicer to yourself and see the love that is given to you

That love will not only engulf you but spread to others. 

My Podcast: Spiritually Fed Blog Podcast for reference of this post. 🙂

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