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You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Mosiah 4:27

27. And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order.

Have you ever felt like you are “DOING IT ALL?”

You are doing everything you can to keep yourself afloat. Everything you can to keep yourself happy and from feeling all the negative emotions. Everything that you want to aspire to be. 

Doing all of life’s little work and life’s big work. 

That could be raising children, being a spouse, cooking, cleaning, working, running a business…

Doing it “all” at times can be exhausting. 

Where is the “all?”

I was so overwhelmed with the “all” and the wanting to do it all today.

We are in the process of finding a new home, new cars, building a business and love the heck out of our amazing children. 

I know that I allow myself to get into the frantic moments of how I will do it all. I also get overwhelmed with not doing enough. 

While I was in search of a car this afternoon I wanted to be going on a day trip with my kids outside. 

I felt that helpless feeling of, “how can I do it all?” 

Then the thought came to me, “What if me, searching for a car, what if my kids playing next to me while I search for a car, is exactly how my day is supposed to be right now?” 

“What if this is you giving your all and another moment or experience will be more of giving your “all?”

I loved this thought because it allowed me to take one moment and task at a time. I also felt more compassion and love for myself. 

Yes, I wanted to be outside all day with my kids but I ended up looking for a car and then having a fantastic evening with my kids.

Your “all” is GREAT!

This evening after getting our new car, we decided to forget about the nightly routine and head for the pool.

As a family we quickly drove home, put on our swimsuits, and went to the pool.

We normally go to the pool during the day to not mess with our evening ritual.

We got to the pool around 6 and stayed till close to 8. 

The pool was exactly what we needed. We had a great time together. It was the “all” I was hoping for today.

It couldn’t have been more perfect. We were enjoying our time together and I could feel the spirit prompt me that my “all” was right there in the pool for this day.

Absorbing the “all”

Have you ever laid on your back, floating in the pool? 

Of course, you have, it’s something we all do. Haha

While I was floating on my back with my ears under the water, listening to the sounds under water, I looked up at the sky. 

I felt so much peace and love in that moment. I could feel the spirit impress upon my mind that this was meant to be a part of the day, although it was unplanned.

Some days might not feel like we are having it all together or we are able to do it all. I completely understand that.

Yet, sometimes, your all that you are giving is what you are meant to give. 

My all just started a little later today. 

It was packed with an evening of connecting and giving all my love, encouragement, and time in the pool till we went to bed. 

Giving your all

Doing it all and giving your all is not the same. 

We all have so much to get done. Those things are great. But what are the things that help you give your all, impact you the most, and bring you the most love?

For me, it was definitely giving my all this evening while swimming and connecting with my family. 

It was a great spiritual experience for me. 

I could feel the spirit impress upon me that I will have days where I want to do it all but I hope to take the time to give my all more. 

Give more of my love.

Give more of my genuine self.

Give more of my spirit. 

Give what matters most. 

Check out this great video below on “what matters most.” 🙂


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My name is Brianna Marshall. I was born in Dayton, Ohio into a Air Force family. We moved to Colorado Springs, CO when I was 5 years old and lived there till I moved off to College to Orem, Utah in 2007. I was raised into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm still actively practicing the same faith today. I graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelors in Communications. I was married to my husband Dom in 2010 in the San Diego Temple. Dom and I have two children, one a boy, named Ronen, and a girl, named Ryen. I have been in and out of teaching physical fitness for over 10 years. I love to run and weight lift most days of the week. I also love to do yoga at night to calm me down before bed. I have always had a love for baked goods. My mom made a great dessert every Sunday and made them upon request growing up. I have always been really well at expressing my thoughts and feelings. I love to express a lot of my spiritual feelings with friends and family. As a young girl, I worked really hard to have a great relationship with my Father in Heaven. I have felt His presence from the time I was 8 and currently still feel his love and desire for me to become closer to Him. I desire to be a missionary as well as help others understand His love for all of His children. I find that being friendly, understanding and being compassionate to everyone is the best example of His son, Jesus Christ. I strive to follow His teachings. I also stumble with all of it. I'm so grateful for the atonement and repentance when I'm in need of change of heart and a compassionate spirit. I find life to be so beautiful and I'm grateful everyday for the experiences I have. I am a wife, mother, daughter of God, writer, runner, baker, and an imperfect being striving to be the best me.

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